This free software is a de facto standard in terms of SoHo / Enterprise backup solutions, greatly thanks to a wide set of features available on different platforms (at the latest there's a Linux agent finally available).

However, this is how it looks like from a first hand - I'll cover the installation part (only).

Upon starting the installation procedure, the first thing to be decided is whether we want the baremetal recovery capability - if that's the case, then a recovery media has to be created first:



Upon deciding which method to use and starting the media creation procedure, after a few minutes you should see a wizard completion message pictured below:



At this point you should have a functional baremetal recovery media ready - let's get into basic backup configuration by choosing a backup mode first - take a look at the options below:



The next important thing to be defined is a target storage type - in order to get the last option pictured below running you'll need a working Backup Repository instance, meaning that the Veeam Backup and Replication solution has to be running somewhere...