I needed as cheap as possible replacement for an integrated NIC recently, so I've decided to add a TP-LINK TF-3239DL to that (non-production) rig.

The chipset it's based on is a (quite old) 10/100 Mbps Realtek RTL8139D - and it obviously isn't supported as a PnP device under Hyper-V Server 2012 R2.

In the next couple of lines I'll therefore describe the installation procedure which should also work with any other piece of hardware (under the circumstances):

  1. download the driver (the version that worked for me is 6.109.530.2008) and transfer it to your Hyper-V installation drive or any other drive accessible to it
  2. once you get to your Hyper-V (sconfig) menu, exit to the CLI (by entering 14)
  3. in the CLI go to the driver location folder (where the .inf file is located) and issue the following command: pnputil -a <driverName.inf> (if the driver has been installed successfully, you should see an appropriate message)
  4. if the newly installed NIC (or other piece of hardware) isn't accessible yet, the host should eventually be restarted.