In a part of my professional journey which had included a lot of activities such as:

  • file (suspicious sample) scanning;
  • dynamic malware analysis / sandboxing;
  • URL / domain (reputation) checking;
  • IP address scanning and reputation checking;
  • Phishing attempts detection and prevention;
  • basically all other type of activity a Security Analyst role could include;


I have used e.g. the following online tools for carrying (less sensitive - meaning no proprietary, confidential and similar categories of data included or to be eventually publicly disclosed) work out.


Please feel free to check these out, i.e. use them yourself, as many provided here will make a very decent job in protecting your data and the environment, within a very reasonable timeframe.


 Tool File scanning / Sandboxing URL scanning / rep. check  IP scanning / rep. check   Domain scanning check File hash check 
Virustotal X X  X  X  X
JOESandbox X X      
FortiGuard X        
ANY.RUN X        
Sucuri SiteCheck  X      
urlscan  X   X  
FileScan.IO X  X      
Zscaler Zulu  X   X  
e.Veritas X      
IPVOID   X    
Kaspersky TIP X        
Quttera X   X  
Astra Security Scan X      
SiteLock     X  
SiteGuarding     X  
PhishTank  X      
WebOfTrust  X      
AbuseIPDB   X    
Norton Safe Web  X      
Google Transparency Report  X      
dfndr lab psafe  X      
Talos Intelligence   X X X