This should be fairly easy (for anyone skilled in Linux / Azure administration & engineering), but there are a couple of prerequisites to take care of before installing (so far I haven't seen mentioned in a single setup guide):

  1. The QRadar Advisor w/ Watson requires 1 GB of free memory from the application pool of memory, therefore I'd recommend using a 32 GB VM (as the percentage reserved for the app pool seems to be hard coded) - otherwise you'll probably get an installation error;
  2. make sure that your VM has swap space enabled (when you install a typical QRadar image from the Azure Marketplace, this isn't the case; I won't get into details how to setup a swap here, as this is Linux-typical, basic question)


After you have done the aforementioned, you're ready to continue with the Advisor w/ Watson installation:

  1. download the installation package (.zip) from the IBM X-Force Exchange / Security App Exchange (you'll need your X-Force Exchange account for that) - it's about 240 MB download;
  2. when it's done downloading, install the package through your (Admin) UI (as per officially described procedure);
  3. make sure that you have deployed full configuration before trying to use the App - in the end it should look like this:


QRadar Watson done