DISCLAIMER: this article will lead you through a procedure that might be considered DESTRUCTIVE!

If you get the aforementioned error (pictured below) in your web GUI during vulnerability scan setup (you won't be able to save the job), this is not always easy to fix, but you can try the following procedure.






EDIT: it seems at the moment that the error is caused by updating the system - therefore, before doing anything else (mentioned in the article) - just try restarting the server first - else proceed:


  1. through your console access "System Preferences" and hit the "Reset AlienVault API key" - wait for it to end;
  2. try running the vulnerability scan again - if this doesn't help you, then proceed further - WARNING: the following part of the procedure might be considered DESTRUCTIVE:
  3. close all the alarms and delete all the events through the web GUI;
  4. Jailbreak the system through your console;
  5. issue openvasmd --rebuild and wait for this to complete;
  6. go to your /usr/bin directory;
  7. issue ./openvas-manage-certs -fa to reissue the certiticates;
  8. reset the API key (again);
  9. run ossim-reconfig (or better yet - just reboot the machine).


This has worked for me a number of times - hopefully it would for you too!