• Master of Science in Business (field of Business Informatics)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in IT Technologies


Sec Pro with very strong knowledge in GRC

ISACA from January 11 2016

European Association of Data Protection Professionals member from February 2019


WIndows Insider Program from July 2015 (Windows 10, Server 2016 Insider Preview)

Computerwoche.de Insider from July 2015

Cybrary.it from October 2015

IBM Security Community member from December 2018

Cybersecurity Insiders member from February 2019

Splunk Community member (a few groups)

MS Tech Community (Copper Contributor)


My very first Win....actually, DOS was first (4.0, as far as I can remember)...then it was Windows 3.1x (around 1993 - 1995).
My very first *nix...UNIX, around year 2001...then came Ubuntu, around year 2010 (10.10, if I'm recalling correctly).

My very first virtualization solution: VMware Workstation.(I think it was 5.0, around year 2005).

My very first programming language: BASIC (around year 1994).